Ink Garden: I told you I was going to “get off my tail and tackle these photo freebies!” More to Come!


Project Number 1:  A New Mouse Pad for my mom that matches the collage I made her at Walgreen’s.  Right now, each new account receives a one time FREE credit of $13.00 which makes most items on their site totally free.  There is no charge for customization, uploading photos, and your templates choices are unlimited.  The Mouse Pad was only $7.49 (shipping $3,99).  So, I can order another item that cost $5.51 and under in order to use my entire $13.00 credit.



I created  personalized gift tags (business cards).  Fifty only cost $4.99 – if I add that to the mouse pad above my total would be $12.48 so my $13 credit should cover both items.

I saw these super cute coasters that I customized. My mom just built a new room onto her house and these would look great.


Then, I saw the porcelain ceramic round ornaments.  I know this is the gift for my mom.  This is my favorite picture of my mom and dad together before we knew he had cancer.  My mom loves this picture because you can tell how in love they were with each other.  This will be our 4th Christmas without him, really five becuse his last Christmas he was in Hospice.  I think my mom would love this ornament more than anything else.  It’s only $14.99 – I have no problem going over my $13 credit.

So, I’m headed off to bed because I’ll never wake up for church otherwise.  I’ll place my order tomorrow.  Since I know my mom would never create herself an account – she gets too overwhelmed.  I’ll create one for her and have the package shipped to her house with strict instructions not to open it.  Then, when we go down to celebrate Christmas I can wrap it and surprise her.  That way I can still place an order for myself as well.


What about ya’ll did you come up with anything amazing?  Click for details about how you can get your $13.00 free credit and see all of the different gifts you can create here.









  1. Jennifer says

    I just wanted to Thank You for posting this deal! I love giving photo gifts and I just marked two more gifts off my list! I got 2 custom photo mugs for $12.48 shipping and all !!! Thanks

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