Couponing for the Rest of Us

*HOT* $50 Bonus when you try Capital One 360!

This great offer is back – and we’d love to see you guys with an extra $50 in your pocket this time of year!

Right now, if you try out a CapitalOne 360 Checking Account, you’ll get a $50 Bonus deposited in your account!  You can cancel after the 45 day trial – and it requires very little work on your part!

Here’s how it works:

  1. CLICK HERE and hit Apply Now.  Enter your personal info, then create and verify your pin number.

  2. Validate your information.

  3. Set up your account and accept the terms/conditions.

  4. Authorize a deposit from a current account to your new Capital One 360 account. (There’s NO-MINIMUM amount you have to put in there.   I transferred $10 when I took advantage of this promo).

  5. You’ll receive a Capital One 360 Debit Card in the mail in about 10 days. Make  (3) signature-based card purchases or (3) person-to-person payments (or any combo of the two) within 45 days of opening your account.  You can then cancel the account if you wish, or keep it.  Don’t know what to buy?  Go to the grocery and buy an apple three times!

  6. Your $50 Bonus will be added to your account on the 50th day!

You can cancel after your bonus arrives – but you might not want to!  Perks include:

  • 38,000 Fee-free ATMs
  • No Overdraft Charges
  • No minimums or No monthly fees
  • Mobile Check Deposit (My bank charges a fee for this!)

    Click Here for to get started


While you’re at it, CapitalOne 360 has a great Kids Savings Account that’s perfect for teaching good saving practices early. There’s no minimum to open an account and NO Fees!

Your kids can get really hands on with this too – they can:

  • Check their balance
  • Set up account nicknames (Like “Birthday Checks” or “My Bike Fund” or “My Sweet New Tablet”)
  • Create a personalized ‘Saver ID’
  • and more!

It’s never too early to put the little ones on the right track of saving money. :)


  1. What are signature based transactions? Does that count online ordering?

  2. Don’t know where your seeing a 24 fee because CSR is saying there ar no fees–monthly or debit charge unless you buy chks $5, get overdrafts. They even pay you a little interest. I can’t see how you can lose. Suntrust wants to charge me $5 a month and debit card fees on top of that. I am going to try these guys.

  3. ING checking is free.

  4. Nikki,

    Where do you see that it costs $13 a month? Everything I’ve read says it is free.

  5. The ING checking will cost ya $26.00 so you are just getting $24.00 free. It is $13.00 a month… that is if you remember to cancel it after the 50th day :)

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