Ice Cream Coupons: Smuckers, Popsicles and Magnum Ice Cream

It’s 100 degrees outside, and you know that means it’s time for an ice cream!  When the Kona Ice man comes through the neighborhood touting his stupid $3 Sno-cones (I despise the Kona Ice Man) – I like to be able to pull out something from the freezer for the kids s I say “No.  Way.”  Here are some nice coupons to help you fight off the ice-cream man and keep the kids happy!

$1/2 Smuckers Ice Cream Toppings

$1/1 Popscicle Yosicle (Stack with $1/1 in Family Dollar Ad!)

$1.50/2 Magnum Ice Cream Bars

and for the calorie-counting mommy…

$1/2 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Desserts


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