Ibottta Users: Capri Suns just $.78 at Walmart!

If you haven’t signed up for Ibotta’s Coupon App yet – do it now!  You’ll be saving serious money on items you buy every day just by taking a picture with your smartphone!

This week at Walmart – you can get Capri Suns for just $.78 – great since the kids are about to start school again!

Buy Capri Sun for $1.78
Use your $1/1 Ibotta Coupon
(makes it just $..78!)


  1. Morgan says

    Can anyone tell me exactly how this app works! I looked under help center but it doesn’t explain how it all works. Is it like saving star where it goes into an acct til u get a certain amount? If anyone could explain this to me that would be great. It maybe a dumb question but I’m confused. Thanks in advance for any help u can provide.

    • Joe Gutierrez says

      It is a simple app that basically gives you a rebate within 24hrs on certain products they feature. All you have to do is click the item, do what it asks (learn a fact, take a poll, share on Facebook, or watch a quick video, etc), then scan the barcode and upload your receipt. Whole process takes less than 5 minutes and is all done within the app. When they approve your purchase qualified you will get you’re rebate and once you get $5 or more you can cash out to a Paypal account, donate to a school, or donate to a charity.

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