Ibotta App: Bi-Lo, Winn-Dixie and Wegmans just added!!


YIPPEE!!  I just saw this Ibotta newsflash on my phone – and while I’m still putting my kids down to bed (all four of them want more water, I swear….) I wanted to let everyone know that Ibotta just added Bi-Lo to their list of stores!!  They also added Winn-Dixie and Wegman’s – but Bi-Lo is what I’m really excited about. :)

We’ll update the Bi-Lo list from now on with iBotta offers – meanwhile, take a look at this Step-by-Step Ibotta Tutorial that Kasey did on the news last week.

Please leave a comment if you already spot an extra deal we can get due to Ibotta being added to the Bi-Lo list :)

See all this week’s Bi-Lo Deals HERE

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