I did it! I started training for a 5K with the Couch-to-5K app!





Recently I decided that I wanted to run a 5K.  I don’t know what it is about getting closer to 40 (I’ll be 38 soon), but it seems like a lot of my friends are jumping on the same bandwagon.  Or, should I say moving off the couch to a 5K.  I have been talking and talking about wanting to run (or walk for that matter) a 5K, I’ve been stalking all of my facebook friends who have been training but for some reason I kept waiting. Part of me doesn’t want to start something and not finish it.  Plus, it’s a lot easier to talk about running a 5K than to train for one.

Ya’ll know me, I’m gonna be real.  I’ve spent the better part of the past 3 years on my tail blogging and working online.  I’m totally out of shape and have had ZERO energy.  So, this summer I told myself that the kids and I would walk the greenway everyday. (I tend to be an over achiever 3 days a week would have been a more attainable goal)  Well, the summer is over and guess what?  We definitely didn’t make it to the greenway everyday, we didn’t even make it once a week.  So once again, I have been back where I started…..thinking and talking about it.  Until, this week.  Finally, I quit talking about it and DID it!!

Last week I attended a blogging conference in New York.  One of my roomies started the Couch- to-5K program a couple of months ago and she looks amazing.  She feels good and has tons of energy.  I know we aren’t supposed to covet, but I was jealous that she had done it.  She made a decision to make changes in her life, get healthy and she DID IT.  Unlike me, who couldn’t get past the thinking about it and talking about it phase.  I have to admit, it lit a little fire under me.


I had already told a friend of mine that I would run a 5K with her on September 1st before I left for NYC.  I knew when I got home it was time for me to get to work.  I am happy to tell you that I started training this week using the Couch-to-5K app and I LOVED it!  I know I can’t get in shape in a week however, it felt so good to know that I started.




So, Monday evening marked Day1 of Couch-to-5K  for the Trenum family.  We went to a nearby track and ALL of us ran together.  Even my 5 (almost 6 year old as of tomorrow 8/11) and 8 year old joined in. Yes it was hot, and yes I am totally out of shape but it was fun.  The 5K I am participating in on September 1st is called Love is Not a Fight for married couples. I noticed that even kids 10 and younger could join.

Here’s the Skinny Couch-to-5K:

  • 3 Days a Week
  • 30 Minutes a day
  • 9 Weeks to being 5K ready

Day 1 of Couch-to-5K is a 5 minute warm-up followed by 20 minutes of 1 minutes of jogging, 1minunte & 30 sec of brisk walking, 1 minute of jogging, 1 minute 30 seconds of brisk walking then a 5 minute cool down for a total of 30 minutes.  Actually all three days of week one follow the same sequence. Really it wasn’t too bad.  I’ve finished two days and didn’t pass out or throw up.  I think that’s a huge accomplishment.

If you’d like to join me in my Couch-to-5K journey you can find it on iTunes and download to your iPhone here.  If you have a android, there are similar apps on Amazon here.; What about you?  Have you recently started a new exercise program, joined a gym or started training for a marathon?  We’d love to hear from you!

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