My Husband’s First Blog Post – Sharing His Journey with You!


Kasey here, I’d like to introduce you to my husband, Gary. He is sometimes referred to as “the coupon lady’s husband.” This is his very first blog post and series that he is starting, so y’all go easy on him. He has a goal he wants to meet by March 14th, and thought sharing his journey with y’all might help keep him accountable.

OK…so here goes my first attempt at blogging.  I just started my AdvoCare 24 day challenge.  I have done a few challenges over the past year but thought I would chronicle the journey this time.  Before getting into the challenge…a little about me.

I was how do you say…pudgy through most of my childhood years.  I was the kid that wore the “husky” size pants.  I did shed the baby weight as I entered high school and kept it off through college.  I started to gain some weight here and there after Kasey and I got married.  The pounds really started to add up after I had been laid off from multiple pharmaceutical jobs.  (I tend to be an emotional eater if you know what I mean)  I had gotten so big that I was unhappy with myself and the way I looked.  When I looked in the mirror I thought how did I get here?  I knew I needed to make a change but being overweight was something not all too unfamiliar with me.  After all I was the boy that wore the “husky” pants.

It all culminated in March of 2013.  I was so miserable and physically felt so bad that I knew I had to make a change.  I just had to find the right vehicle to get healthy.  We were introduced to AdvoCare last March and I saw something that I thought might work!  I had tried several types of diets and products so I was a little skeptical but thought anyone can stick with something for 24 days.


My first challenge was a success.  I lost 11.9 pounds and was felling better than I had in years.  Over the next 10 months I would lose 36 pounds and 26 inches.  I hadn’t been able to lose more than 10 pounds and keep it off over the previous 12 years so I knew the products and they system worked.  This leads us to my venture into blogging.

I want to lose 15 pounds by my 39th birthday.  This will put me at a weight that I haven’t been at since 2001 or so.  What…wasn’t that around the time that Milli Vanilli and Swatch watches were around (OK maybe I am off by about a decade but I don’t really remember anything to make fun of from the early 2000′s)?  So now my goal is out there and you all will be watching to see how successful I am.  Over the next 24 days I will be posting meal plans, daily routines, physical activities and even some pictures of my food!  So weird but I know everyone loves the food pics.  Now don’t hold my pictures to the same level that Kasey’s are.  After all there are a few issues: 1) I am a guy, 2) I am using my iPhone for all of my pictures instead of Kasey’s fancy camera and 3) I could care less what the pictures look like.  I just know you’ve got to have food pics when you talk about meal planning.

I hope you all follow my progress and we can have some fun over the next 24 days.

I’d love to help you get started!  After going through 3 layoffs in the past five years, Kasey and I signed up as distributors so that we could get a discount on our products and earn additional income.  You can check out all the amazing products here, we would love to work with you to put together the right products for your needs.  Feel free to send me an email with any questions to with AdvoCare in the subject line.


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