Pinecone Research is Accepting Members (Pays $3 per Survey!)


PineCone Research has reset on new panelists for April starting TODAY! They are actively recruiting NEW panelists at $3 Per Survey!

In case you missed this before –  I highly recommend trying to get in while you can – it’s a great company.  I haven’t done this in years, but just re-applied and was accepted!!

Pinecone Research only opens up for brief periods of time and their applicant spots fill VERY quickly.  There’s a reason – they’re the BEST!  They pay $3 per completed survey & they’re a highly reputable company



My husband and I both did this a couple years ago – and made great money doing so!  We would get checks regularly – or the money can be deposited into your Paypal account.  GO HERE to see if you qualify!

If you’ve ever tried to apply before and failed – try again now, because they’re always looking for different demographics!


  1. John Doe says

    You can still get paid $3, there is a link inside the rewards website that you can redeem each group of 300 points into 3 dollars to be cashed into paypal, that is the way I do it. It is just hard to find on their rewards website area….I just save up the points can cash out larger amounts, but you can still cash out 300 points to $3

  2. megan brooks says

    I agree Its not worth it anymore so if you find out we can still get paid, PLEASE let me know how. Thanks

  3. Jennas Mom says

    Not to sound dumb but do they let you know by email if you qualify or is it an immediate thing? After I applied the screen went to a submit username and password screen. Not sure what that means.

  4. Anna Russell says

    I have been disappointed with Pinecone Research recently because they do not pay $3.00 a survey like they used to. You are given “points” of 300 each time you do a survey. When you accumulate enough points, then you can get merchandise they offer. I do not like this as I enjoyed having the $3.00 entered in my Paypal account and then I could use it however I wanted to. It is my opinion they are opening up now to new members on lots of sites because so many of the old members have quit doing the surveys because of the way they pay now. I wrote them an E-Mail stating that I did not like the change in pay and receivedi a reply that “you can still get cash.” I did not see a way to get cash on their website. Maybe you could get an answer to whether or not you still have a choice. Thanks.

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