Couponing for the Rest of Us

Hurry: 7-Point SwagCode in the Toolbar!

Go check the Envelope icon up in your Swagbucks Toolbar – there’s a code you can enter to earn 7 Swagbucks!

In fact, before entering the code on the Swagbucks Home Page, I searched that code first and won 7 Bucks.

That means 14 Bucks Total!  Go try it out and tell me if you win!

Not doing Swagbucks yet?

Join TODAY by clicking HERE, and you can use this special Promo code to get *30 Bonus Swagbucks* to get you started: “SBTVisOnTheAir”
(This code is only valid through Friday, Oct. 22!)


  1. Wow..when I signed up today and used the Promo code you listed I got 60 swagbucks. Thanks

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