Hunt for Holiday Coupons is ON!

The Holiday season is the BEST time to find great coupons at all sorts of places. Why? Manufacturers know that food is a big part of Holiday Traditions – and they’d like to become YOUR tradition. If you use Libby’s canned pumpkin for your Thanksgiving dessert, your daughter will probably use Libby’s Pumpkin, and her daughter, etc…

Their motive is clear: if companies can lure you in with a high-value coupon this Holiday, they stand to get generations of repeat business. So how can you get your mittens on all the good coupons they’re putting out there?
1.) Variety is the Spice of Life!

If you ALWAYS go to Bi-Lo, and you’ve got everything they have to offer, shake up your routine a bit.  Stop in a Dollar Store for toilet-paper or milk, swing by K-Mart for… some made-up reason.  No matter what store you find yourself running into, take the time to speed-walk down every aisle looking for tearpads and blinkies. I have even gone out of my way (to SuperSaver) just on a hunch that they might have good tearpads that haven’t been stripped bare. They did!

2.) You’re Getting Warmer….
Don’t just scan the shelves for coupons- get creative.  Think, “If I were a tearpad, where would I hide?”  A-HA! That cardboard display! or  A-HA! That Christmas-y Arrangement of Baking Supplies!
3.) Ask, and You Shall Receive
Occasionally, coupons are kept behind counters.  For instance, sometimes the cosmetics counter at Walgreens has coupons that they haven’t put out yet.  I can’t guarantee you they will give you one, but it never hurts to ask!  Also, sometimes gas stations keep coupons behind the counter.  Give it an extra glance next time you’re paying for something!
4.) Share the Love!

You’re going to be so excited when you find a blinking display full of coupon booklets that you’re going to have the urge to grab 20 of them and do a jolly dance all the way home.  I know, I know!  We’ve all been there!   But keep in mind  the Golden Rule of Couponers:

Take a COUPLE, leave the rest!  There are so many of us, and so few tearpads…. please don’t be a “Scrooge” this Holiday Season!
Leave a comment if you’ve found a great holiday themed booklet or tearpad – so we can help each other on the hunt!


  1. crishelle says

    OK, so I haven’t found anything “holiday” like yet, but I found a great place for coupons: Doctors Offices!!!! My doctors office has coupons for formula and pedialyte right now. I actually got a friend of mine some free similac with a couple of $5 off coupons. We stopped by a clinic and found a tear pad with $1 coupons. We didn’t even have to be patients, they we just in the waiting room. Also, we sometimes find good ones for children’s meds at the pediatrician’s office. So next time you drive by a doctor’s office, stop and take a look…..

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