Hulu Plus – FREE Trial! (Watch current seasons of your fave shows!)

Do you ever hear about an awesome new show from a friend and then realize there’s no way you can go back and catch up on the season?  If you use Netflix (which we love, by the way) you’ll have to wait a pretty long while for it to arrive.  That’s where Hulu Plus comes in!  With Hulu Plus, you can catch up on CURRENT seasons of your favorite shows!

In my house – we use both services. 

  • Netflix is awesome for movies, documentaries, kids shows, and old series we never saw before.  *Get a Free 30-Day Trial here
  • Hulu Plus is how I catch up on the newer seasons of shows.  Usually, anything Netflix doesn’t have – Hulu Plus does.

Right now you can get a FREE Trial of Hulu Plus - which is just enough time to marathon a show you’ve been wanting to try  or catch up on a favorite series.  This is how I got hooked on Once Upon A Time – and several other fun shows that I can catch in my rare “me” time.

Both Netflix and Hulu Plus are $7.99 per month.  If you don’t want to pay for cable or satellite – this is a really affordable way to get quality programming the whole family can enjoy!

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