Hulu Kids Launch Today!! (Ad-Free, Kids Shows Galore!)

I’ve always used Hulu Plus for catching up on my shows – but used Netflix for the kids because they have a) “Just for Kids” a Kids-Only Section of Netflix and b) No Commercials.  Well, it looks like Hulu Plus is about to take them on!

Today, Hulu Plus launched Hulu Kids – a kid-friendly hub where your little ones can safely navigate appropriate content, choose from a library of kids shows (43 so far) … and all of it is totally AD-FREE.

Hulu Kids on Hulu Plus is now available on the PS3 and to Hulu Plus subscribers logged in on the Hulu website.   Right now you can get a FREE Trial of Hulu Plus - which is enough time to check out the Hulu Kids section, but also marathon a show you’ve been wanting to try  or catch up on a favorite series.  (This is how I got hooked on Once Upon A Time – and several other fun shows that I can catch in my rare “me” time.)

Hulu Kids Features:

  • Recommended Content: Kids can browse through recommendations by age group or interests such as “Dino Time,” a category for dinosaur lovers and “Cartoon Favorites,” featuring popular shows like “Arthur” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”
  • Educational Shows: Find all your PBS favorites and other educational children’s programming like “Super Why!” and “Word World”.
  • Secure Browsing: Recommended programming is limited to commercial-free shows within Hulu Kids, so young viewers can securely discover new shows or jump to their favorites like “iCarly,” “Caillou,” “Thomas and Friends,” “VICTORiOUS” and much more.
  • Ad Free: All content on Hulu Kids will be available without advertising.

Try out Hulu Plus with a Free Trial – and let us know how you like Hulu Kids!

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