How to use eCoupons – SavingStar, Cellfire, UPromise and more!

We all know about the paper coupons that we print or clip from the paper.  They’re pretty straightforward – you cut them out and hand them over – get a discount and move along.  But have you tried using eCoupons yet?

eCoupons are electronic coupons that you load onto a store loyalty card (For instance, your CVS card, Bi-Lo card or Kroger Plus card).  There are several different companies offering eCoupons, and some let you stack these electronic savings with paper coupons, but some don’t.  They do NOT double, and they only apply once (So if you load an eCoupon for toilet paper, it will only apply to one toilet paper package)  Here’s the lowdown:

SavingStar eCoupons:  Load to your card and the savings go into your SavingStar account.  When you reach $5, you can pick your payout to come either via PayPal ($5 Credit), or as a $5 Amazon Giftcard, or to your bank account. While in the past these were allowed in conjunction with paper coupons – they have recently adjusted the wording on their site to discourage this.  To be safe – don’t use these alongside a paper coupon.

UPromise eCoupons: Load to your card and the savings go into your children’s college savings account or your own student loan repayment accounts – or you can simply request a check. You’ll even get a $5 Giftcard when you join UPromise to get you started!  These CAN be used alongside Manufacturer coupons.

P&G eSaver Coupons: Load to your card and save on P&G products in store.   These can NOT be stacked with other Manufacturer Coupons.

Store-Specific eCoupons:

Kroger Family of Stores:  Load Cellfire and Shortcuts coupons to your Kroger Plus card (or other Kroger Family card).  These can NOT  be used in conjunction with other Manufacturer coupons.

Bi-Lo eCoupons: Bi-Lo eCoupons are really just store coupons you load onto your card.  You’ll need to register your card on their site to load them.  They come out with new ones every week and even advertise them in their weekly ad.  They CAN be used alongside paper coupons.

Food Lion eCoupons: Also known as “Clip to Card” coupons, they can be loaded onto your MVP card once you’ve registered it on the Food Lion site.  These coupons are a grey area and don’t have specific language stating whether or not you can use them alongside a paper coupon.

Target Mobile Coupons: These are a little different than the coupons you load to your card – these Target store coupons are loaded onto your mobile phone and the barcode is scanned at the register!  These CAN be combined with Manufacturer coupons.


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