How to Save at Farmer’s Markets (and what you can freeze)

One of the questions we always get at coupon workshops (and here on Time2Save) is “How to save on produce?”  I’ve been getting some very informative emails from Learnvest this week – that give GREAT tips on how to save at Farmer’s Markets and what/how you can freeze for later use.

You’ll need to sign up for LearnVest to check out these great articles – which you should do anyway :)  Learnvest sends out Daily Tips for Frugal Living! Packed with money-saving tips and financial how-tos – CLICK HERE to sign up for free.

“How to Save at Farmer’s Markets” – Here is some sage advice for getting the most/best produce for your buck – from asking for dented “seconds” for pie-baking, to learning that some farmer’s markets even accept EBT & WIC from low-income families!

“Freeze Summer for Later” – here’s a handy dandy guide to freezing, fruit, vegetables and herbs.  For example: YES to corn!  NOOOOO to summer squash.

“Healthy, Easy One-Pot meals” - now when it’s time to pull these from the freezer and thaw them – here are a few tried-and-true dishes that will mask the fact that your veggies have been frozen and the consistency has changed a little bit.

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