How to Make Paper Snowflakes Using Coffee-Filters

How to Make Paper Snowflakes with Coffee Filters

There’s an Arctic front coming into Tennessee tonight – and we may get a flurry!  But if not, you can always create your own pretty flurry.  Here’s how to make paper snowflakes using Coffee Filters!   This would be a fun way to pass the afternoon this Christmas Eve – my kids had lots of fun making theirs!

I love using coffee-filters rather than paper because it saves you the step of having to cut off the corners – also, most people already have a stack of them on hand and ready to go.

Making paper snowflakes is a Christmas tradition in the Miles household – every year we spend an afternoon snipping our snowflakes and then we tape them to the living room window as part of our holiday decorating.  Because it so rarely snows here in Cleveland, TN, we just have to make our own!

The steps for making a paper snowflake are very easy – your children can make them unassisted once you show them how:

  1. Fold a coffee filter in half, and then in half again, and then in half one more time until you have a triangle shape. (You can do more, but it becomes difficult to cut)
  2. Using scissors, snip out shapes all around your triangle.  Snipping the point off in an interesting way will give you a cool center to your snowflake.  Snipping around the curved bottom of the triangle is what will make your edge frilly.
  3. Make sure you don’t accidentally cut all the way through your triangle lengthwise or your snowflake fall apart into tiny sections!  (Cutting it in half horizontally will just give you a little bitty snowflake.)
  4. Unfold your snowflake carefully, and use a heavy book to flatten it for a couple hours before hanging.

Here’s a picture of our snowflakes hanging up on our living room window – they don’t quite camouflage the very GREEN  and UN-Christmasy grass outside – maybe we need a whole bunch more snowflakes hanging up there to do the trick :)


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