How to Make Boot Trees: 3 Thrifty Options (Posterboard, Magazines, Paper Towel Rolls)

If you have boots you love and you don’t want them to get creased from flopping over in your closet – check out these DIY boot trees.

I love my boots – and I wear them whenever possible.  In cold weather they go great with jeans, leggings or tights – and in summer, I pair them with sundresses.   Although they’re always in rotation, they do spend a lot of time hanging out in my closet.  In order to keep them from sagging (which causes deep creases and eventually cracked leather) or lying on their sides and taking up the whole bottom of the closet – I make boot stands or “trees” to keep them upright.

Here are a few ways to make your own!


Grab a posterboard and cut it in two halves.  Roll each piece into a slightly conical shape, with the widest part the size of the boot opening.  Don’t make the bottom too pointy – you want it about the diameter of your ankle in order to hold the ankle part of the boot upright.  Tape it together and trim off the excess.

This is a little trick I used to use when I photographed boots to sell on Ebay.  Roll up one or two magazines(you don’t even really need tape) and stuff them into each boot shaft.  They’re heavy, which is a plus for heavier boots.  Their weight will hold the boot up pretty well if it’s not very tall.

Paper Towel/Wrapping Paper Rolls:
One roll by itself will be too skinny – but two or three will be just about right.  You can slide them in side-by-side, and even tape them if you wish. Wrapping paper rolls are much sturdier – so chop one of those into a couple lengths if you have them lying around.  This works like a charm!

Now your boots can stand at attention in the bottom of your closet, just waiting to be pulled on and worn again and again!


  1. Rosanna says

    I use pool noodles. I sometimes find them at Dollar Tree. You can get several out of 1 so you get your money’s worth. And they last a long time. :)

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