How to Make a Trampoline Photo Collage! (Great for gifts)

I really wanted to use that FREE Photo Canvas Deal we talked about (Check it out here!) to get a Mother’s Day present done for both my mom and my mother-in-law all in one fell swoop.  I decided to make a vibrant collage of the kids that would really POP! on their wall.

I got the boys outside on our trampoline and started snapping away – and since there’s woods behind our house, the background to each shot was just sky and treetops. Perfect!

I wanted to capture the boys having fun being their goofy selves.  I didn’t set out to get perfection, but just to freeze a frame of them at play – happy and exuberant.

I had them jump up and touch their toes – (SNAP!) – jump sideways with arms out- (SNAP!) – jump towards me on the count of 3 – (SNAP!) and then just do their own thing while I snapped away.

I’ll be the first to admit that these pictures aren’t perfect.  I am 100% sure my friend Cortney Wheeler would be able to do this a bazillion times better because she is genius with a lens – but using my little Canon Elf didn’t really lend itself to perfection :)  And hey – if we’re going for reality – my kids really are just a blur of hair running by me half the time!

Although I didn’t go with Greyscale or Sepia – I think those both make really cool options as well!

I picked out one shot of each child (I think 2 closeups shots and 2 more action-y shots worked well together) and put them in Photoscape to combine them in the checkerboard you see.  I also used the editing tool within Photoscape* to add a margin of space between the pictures and then put a “Bloom” on the whole image to blur the light for a sunwashed effect.

*Photoscape is a free and fantastically useful program – you can download it here!

NOW!  That is going to make one awesome Photo canvas – my only problem at this point is deciding whether to make the 8×10″ (Free + $14.95 shipping), the 11×14″ ($27 + free shipping) or the 16×20″ ($37 + free shipping)…..   Decisions, decisions!


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