How to Get Wax Out of Candle Jar | 4 Tricks that WORK


 How to Get Wax Out of Candle Jar | 4 Tricks that Work!

Jamie here, I go through candles at an alarming rate, and with all those pretty jars leftover I was determined to find out how to get wax out of candle jars completely, so I could use them for other cute projects.  Here are a few tips that have worked best for me so that my jars end up crystal clear, no smears or waxy smudges to speak of :)


  1. Freeze Them

    Put your empty jar upside down in the freezer for a couple hours and when you take it out you should be able to pick the remaining wax out in big pieces (if it doesn’t fall out first)

  2. Place in a Bowl of HOT Water

    Fill a bowl with hot tap water and submerge the candle jar nearly to the rim of the glass.  It will try to float – so you’ll need to weigh it down with a pot of water, a very heavy book you hate, or other random weighty objects.  When you take it out 15 or 20 minutes later, every last fleck of wax will be melted and you can pour it out (NOT in the sink!)

  3. Simmer on The Stove

    Place a few empty candle jars in a large pot and fill with water to about 3/4 of the height of the jars (so the boiling water won’t boil INTO the jars).  Heat on medium high until simmering and wax is all melted, then remove from heat and pour out the remaining wax.

  4. Remove the Waxy Residue with this Homemade Goo Gone

    I LOVE how easily this takes out the smeary residue left by the wax.  I just use a dollop from the jar I keep in the cabinet, and rub it around inside the candle jar with my hand, rinsing with warm water every once in awhile.  Wipe down with a napkin, and it’s done!

Once your candle jars are clean and pristine – you can use the ones with lids to store items prettily on your bathroom sink – like Q-Tips, Makeup Brushes, etc…

For those with no lids, I have a pretty project I’m working on that I’ll be posting tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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