How to Delete or Cancel A Print Job That’s Stuck! (Restart Your Spooler)


Have you ever been printing several things when suddenly one item you were printing gets stuck?  You go to investigate and there’s one print job that has an ERROR – and it won’t allow anything else to print.  ARRGGHH!!  I’ve been there too.  So of course – you click “Delete” to cancel the troublesome print job – and it proceeds to delete until eternity…  It says “Deleting….” but it never actually moves on from that point.

It happens about once a week for me – especially when I’m getting coupons ready to go grocery shopping and I have about 7 tabs open printing coupons from various sites.  Inevitably – one will get stuck and all the rest of my coupons won’t print because of it.  I used to just shut everything down, unplug my printer and cut my losses – but here’s the solution I found awhile back that’s worked every time.

How to Delete or Cancel a print job by stopping and restarting your print spooler:


What is a Print Spooler?  Your print spooler is what makes all your coupons wait in line, going in the order of when you told them to print.  No one can cut line and kick out the troublemaker who’s stuck – unless you stop your spooler and then start it fresh.  Here’s how to Stop and Restart your Print Spooler.

  1. First, click your Windows Start Menu and click Control Panel.
  2. Choose System & Security
  3. Choose Administrative Tools
  4. Scroll down to Double-click Services
  5. Find Print Spooler 
  6. Right Click Print Spooler and choose STOP.  Give it a second and then right click again to choose START.

You should now hear the joyful hum of your printer starting back up!  Here’s a picture tutorial – just follow the arrows:


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