How to Cut Fancy Lemon Slices for Pretty Drinks!

I saw this on Pinterest today and I thought….

… IF I was one of those women who keeps a house clean enough to invite  company over….

… and IF I was one of those women who could coerce my rowdy children into behaving while I had lady-friends over ….

… and IF I was one of those women who could whip up pretty drinks for sipping out on my lovely Nerf-Gun-and-Hot-Wheels-free deck – well then I would totally be cutting fancy little lemon slices like this for our sweet tea or pink lemonade!

But – you know – that’s a lot of IF’s and I’m kind of a hot mess to be honest.  Still – that doesn’t mean a girl can’t look at pretty things like this and daydream, right?



  1. Chantal says

    OH my Goodness!!!!! Those are so neat! Im so gonna have to try these if I can get over my hot mess of a house too LOL!


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