How Netflix Saves a Sleepover (+ a Free Trial)


How Netflix saves a sleepover….

I’ve explained a few different times why I absolutely love using Netflix – most recently that I was pumped that they’d acquired exclusive rights to select new Disney content and a truckload of classic Disney movies.  But this morning – right now at 7 am after riding out a very long, very loud boys Minecraft sleepover last night….  I want to praise Netflix one more time.

Why? Because Netflix is our absolute go-to sleepover-ender.  When it hits midnight or 1 am, Matt and I have reached a limit.  This limit kind of sneaks up on us – but suddenly you feel that mom/dad exhaustion creeping up on you that says you just can’t listen to another “rap battle” about video game characters.

And you swear to yourself that if One. More. Nerf Dart hits the wall – you will break that thing in half.  (The gun – not the kid – running on tiredness here – not rage!)   That’s the point where we look at each other with raised, knowing eyebrows and one of us inevitably makes our way down the basement stairs to announce: Okay guys – time to turn off the lights and pick something on Netflix!

Because everything in the “Just for Kids” section is pretty darn safe, we just steer them there and let them fight it out for a few minutes.  Unlike driving a group of obnoxious children to Blockbuster to roam the aisles for an hour, or holding up the line outside a Redbox – with Netflix they can spend as long as they want coming to an agreement on a movie and I could care less :)

If they change their mind – they can switch midstream.  They can watch all the Adventures of He-Man if they want.  Heck – they can check out the entire backlog of 1980′s Ninja Turtles movies if they’re inclined to find out what they’ve been missing all these years….

The point is – it’s CHEAP (only $7.99 per month, if you decide to stay beyond your free trial).  It’s SAFE for our kids.  And it’s CONVENIENT.  And there will be many sleepovers this summer – and I will be thanking Netflix as I crawl into bed in the wee hours of the morning during every. single. one.

Do you anticipate needing a sanity-saver this summer?  If you haven’t tried Netflix – or at least aren’t with them right now – sign up for a FREE 1-Month Trial HERE!


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