100 FREE Christmas Postcards (Reg. $25)

If you enjoy sending out personalized Christmas cards with a family photo or a “Family Newsletter” included – then I have a Free 100 Postcards offer for you. The important thing to know is that the very cheap “Slow” shipping takes about 21 days – so you need to go ahead and order them THIS WEEK so you can have them in time to send out!

Here is my order – so you can see how it’s done.

  1. Login to Vistaprint HERE and choose the 100 FREE Postcards offer at the very top left.
  2. I chose a Holiday/Christmas themed postcard that I thought was cute. You can change all the text – pick your fonts – and add text boxes wherever you like on the card!
  3. For the backside of the postcard, I’ve written a short family update. This is free as long as it is in greyscale.
  4. If you choose to add a family photo to the back (or front) you will pay just $2.95 to upload a black & white version of your photo. Color is more. As you can see, I just put a small one in the corner so my far-away family can remember what we look like.
  5. During your checkout process, they will have several “Extras” and offers that they want you to sign up for.  Make sure to skip past these – so your total will remain low.

For my particular Christmas cards, I payed just $2.49 for 100 cards (Front & back sides included) + Shipping.

This deal is a great way to get your Christmas cards ordered, personalized and mailed to you very inexpensively!  No envelopes needed!  Go create your card TODAY!


  1. sam burgess says

    Speaking of all of these free vistaprint deals, you ladies should come up with a printable page of T2S business cards. Seriously- every time I shop, I write down this website at least once.

  2. sam burgess says

    Last week, I did this deal for my Christmas cards (because postage is only .28 for postcards and we send SOOO MANY every year- it adds up!) and I thought I’d share how I saved the $2.49…. I chose the “upload your own” template backside. Then, I was able to make my design (in grayscale, of course) on Microsoft Powerpoint with 4 pictures and space for the addresses. I also typed in our return address so we won’t have to worry with printing/peeling/placing labels! They turned out VERY cute, and I payed $5.38 for 100 Christmas cards.

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