HotPrints: 4 Free Photo Books (Pay Shipping)

Hot Prints is back at it again - they are offering their photobooks for FREE!!  This time, it is a limit of 4 instead of the 1 photobook a month from previous months.  You will just have to pay shipping charges of $2.99 per photobook. These are soft cover photo books.

If you have a TON of facebook photos in your account, this is a great way to make them into books!!  They have a new feature where you can make photobooks from your friends facebook pictures – as long as your friends allow you to see their pictures.  Or you can do it the old traditional way of uploading pictures from your computer.  These photo books have 16 pages from cover to back.  You can also add text to each picture.  They will have an advertising page straight down the middle of the book but you can remove that easily.

Here’s a glimpse of the book I made for my son.

As you can see, I wrote his name on the cover.

There are my babies! :)  Although for some reason, I must of chose something different for the inside background because I don’t believe octopuses live in outer space! LOL.  I may have been in a hurry to get the book done before the month was over…who knows.. :)

The quality and the product itself came out better than I had expected!  These would definitely make awesome gifts and especially for 4 photobooks at just $2.99 for shipping a pop – you can’t beat that!

To get started on yours, go here to HOTPRINTS and register or log in.

These ship from England and may take some time to receive.  Available to ship to United States, UK & Canada.

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