*HOT* Splenda Catalina at Bi-Lo = FREE Splenda!

Remember the Splenda deal we mentioned yesterday?  My Walgreens sadly DOESN’T carry the $2.99 boxes of Splenda – so I walked out empty-handed.

Well – because I believed it to be a “national” catalina – meaning it works everywhere catalina machines reside – I had a hunch it would work at Bi-Lo too.  I decided to be the guinea pig for you guys today and try it out there (Both because we love Splenda, and because that’s just how we roll around here :) )


I bought (2) 80 count packets w/Fiber @ $4.33 each
Used (2) $2 off coupons HERE
Paid $4.66 ~ Got $3 Catalina off my next order
(makes it $.83 a box!)

If you have the $3 off ANY Splenda coupons from the 4/17 RP (I didn’t get these in my paper) you could get a much better deal.  The 50 count boxes without fiber, are just $2.79.  That deal would look like this (I am only using 2 coupons, because they won’t accept a third, since it will create overage):

Buy (3) boxes at $2.79 = $8.37
Use (2) $3/1 coupons from the 4/17 paper
Pay $2.37 ~ Get $4 OYNO
(makes it FREE!!)

Since this deal is going on until the 15 of May – I believe I’ll try to get hold of a few of those $3 off coupons….  :)

Let me know if you try this deal at Food Lion or another store with catalinas!


  1. confused couponer says

    The $3 coupon does not just say ‘any splenda’, it says ‘any one 80 ct/3.8 oz or larger’. Using it on the 50 ct box is not appropriate.

    • Jamie says

      Thanks – I wrote that scenario before I had read the fine print – and I haven’t bought the 50 count kind at all. The ones in the picture are the ones with fiber – using the $2 coupon available on the Splenda site. Thanks for pointing that out – I’ll adjust that scenario!

  2. Michelle says

    Just FYI if you ever want to know what catalina’s are going on and what stores, just go to couponnetwork.com This website list all catalina’s and some great coupons!!

    • Jamie says

      Shellie – you can call the catalina hotline with your receipt in hand and they will mail you a check for the catalina amount! It is VERY likely that your store’s catalina machine was simply turned off. Always check for the green light!

  3. Kerri says

    The Ooltewah Wags has the 80 ct box on sale for $2.59, so after the coupons, and catalina (I bought 2 boxes), it was a money maker!

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