*HOT* South Beach $3/1 Coupon (UPDATE)


WOW – this high-value $3/1 South Beach Coupon just popped onto the scene – hurry and print it now before it disappears!

It turns out the Publix Good-to-Go bars are consdired breakfast bars as well – so this coupon cannot be used on that sale :(

  You can use this to get these FREE at Publix!!

Starting tomorrow at Publix – South Beach Diet bars will go on sale BOGO.  That makes them just $1.49 per box.  This coupon will make them totally FREE!

South Beach Diet Cereal or Good-to-Go Bars BOGO ($1.50 ea)
Use $3/1 Printable coupon HERE
(makes 2 boxes FREE!)

Since you can get this coupon to print twice – you’ll be able to score 4 FREE BOXES of South Beach diet bars.  What an awesome steal!!



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  1. HI says

    This $3.00 coupon is NOT a match for the Publix South Beach Diet BOGO sale (Good To Go or Cereal Bars) this week. Snack Bar (like a cookie bar) is a specific South Beach Diet product stated on the coupon.

  2. andria says

    Just got back from public and cereal bars are not included in the coupon. They are located in the cereal isle not the diet isle which is where all the and products are located.

    • Jamie says

      Andria – did you check for the “Good to Go” bars? Those definitely look like snack bars as opposed to cereal bars – so I just want to make sure.

  3. roxy says

    It appears they don’t match the sale, since the coupon and the sale are for different items. I have been trying to figure out which ones are the cereal bars, but no luck.

    • Jamie says

      Roxy – the coupon allows for snack and meal bars and the “Good-to-Go” bars are part of the BOGO sale – so I’m assuming those will fall under either snack or meal bars!


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