*HOT* Kelloggs Coupons (Check your Family Reward Emails!)


One of my favorite sites to join since becoming a couponer has undoubtedly been the Kelloggs Family Rewards program.  Why?

  1. Each week, they send me some high value coupons in an email that you can’t find anywhere else.
  2. About once a month there’s a Shutterfly Freebie code (HELLO!!!! Awesomeness!)
  3. And if you like – you can go a step further to earn free giftcards and product coupons just for buying Kelloggs products.

In fact, here’s a Shutterfly Freebie I just received last week that I won’t be using.  There’s a code on there you can use if you want to try – although only one person is allowed to use that particular code so knock yourself out ;)


And the Coupons!

If you’re a member of Kelloggs Family Rewards - I just want to remind you to check those emails!  I’ve had some good ones in the past, like $1/1 Cheez-Its.  Or $1/1 Morningstar Farms Product.  Those kind of coupons just don’t happen normally!  See below?  That one just came and I’m heading to Publix with it today! (they’re BOGO this week)


Another reason to check out Kelloggs Family Rewards right now, is that they’ve updating their point system to make it easier to get rewards.  Now you can take pictures of your receipt instead of cutting codes off of boxes (hooray!)  Save up all those bonus points you earn to get gift cards or product coupons. :)

But hey – even if you don’t have time for ANY of that - none of that is necessary to get the weekly email coupons.

If you haven’t signed up for Kelloggs Family Rewards – you can do so HERE!



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