*HOT* M&M’s Have Movie Ticket Coupon Codes Inside!

As if I needed a new reason to buy chocolate….

Morning all!!  I just was looking through my inbox and saw this deal from reader, Holly.  I can’t wait to run out and get some M&M’s!  I really want to take my boys to a movie during this rainy week…

I am really surprised I have not seen this deal out there on the couponing blogs BUT on specially marked packs of M&Ms there is a promotion running called “Win Movie Tickets”.  I bought 4 packs, entered the codes and they all were $3 off a movie ticket printable coupons.  I went back and bought 20 more and they also were all $3 off.  These were on sale at Walmart for 50 cents a pack.  Also I checked the movie theater located and it looks like the coupons are good at all the theaters in the Chattanooga area (even 10-17 which would translate to a free movie night).

Holly Addis

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  1. Lynn Charron says

    M&M contest with pin is CRAP, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to enter the pin and I am frustrated.

  2. Glenn says

    We use the M&M coupons all the time…. the Expiration date is usually 2 weeks after you submitt the code… but the deal doesn’t end till the end of the year!! I stock piled a case of them but don’t enter the code till we get ready for movie night….ALSO,,, There is no limit on the number you can use… Because its a game piece that you won and not considered a coupon!! Another note… not all of them is a $3.00 winners… I have had some that didn’t win… but it’s rare

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