*HOT* Lego Sets up to 60% OFF on Amazon!

If you have any kids in your life that love Lego – then you know that they rarely go on sale.  But right now on Amazon, select sets are up to 60% OFF!!  This is nearly unheard of (I’m lucky if I find them for 10% off at Target)

Here are a few of the sets I saw that are a good deal:

LEGO Space Police: Squidman’s Escape $9.99 - $3.99

LEGO Atlantis Manta Warrior $7.99$3.88

LEGO Atlantis Gateway of the Squid $39.99$21.87

LEGO Prince of Persia: Fight for the Dagger $29.99 - $18.54

LEGO Prince of Persia: Quest Against Time $49.99$32.40

*All of these come with FREE Super Saver Shipping on $25 orders.




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