Couponing for the Rest of Us

*HOT-HOT!* New $5/$15 CVS Minute-Clinic Coupon!

Do you have a CVS Minute-Clinic near you?  If so, take this printout HERE, present to your Minute-Clinic practitioner, and they’ll hand you a $5/$15 Coupon for non-pharmacy purchases!  I just printed it out, and you don’t have to buy anything, sign up for anything, or do ANYTHING other than say hello to your Minute-Clinic doc and present your printed voucher.

This is a wonderful, wonderful thing – because it’s going to make my your free Toy Story 3 DVD even MORE FREE!
Just go HERE to see the CVS Proctor & Gamble/Toy Story 3 Deal that starts 10/31.

- Thanks, SuperCouponLady!


  1. BEWARE… the minute clinic I went to said I had to have the flu shot to get the $5 off coupon.

  2. BEWARE: Info is wrong. My Minute Clinic is insisting that I have to receive a flu shot in order to get the $5/$15 purchase.

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