*HOT* Gevalia Coffeemaker, Scoop & Four Coffees for $24.99!


This amazing deal is back – but as always, it’s a limited-time offer!  Right now Gevalia is offering it’s FREE Signature Coffeemaker + FREE Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop when you choose four Gevalia coffees/teas for $24.99.  Shipping is just $5.99 for the total order, so that’s $30.98 for 1) a Coffeemaker 2) 4 Boxes of gourmet Coffee 3) a Stainless Steel coffee scoop!

I just went through the checkout process to help you along – it’s easy peasy, follow these steps:

Step 1:  GO HERE and Choose 4 Gourmet coffees/teas


Step 2:Add your FREE Coffeemaker & Scoop ($90 Value)


Step 3: Choose when you want more coffee automatically shipped to you

(Don’t worry, this is temporary – keep reading!)

Step 4: Shipping charges will be added – then checkout as usual!


When your package arrives you can simply call the 1-800 number on the card included (Yep – they INCLUDE a “Cancel-my-atuo-shipments-card” right in the box!) and you won’t be billed for anything else ever.  Kasey and I have BOTH done this deal in the past and it worked beautifully!  Sadly for me – when I did the deal it was a travel mug and not a coffeemaker :(

I have found that these little gourmet boxes of coffee make GREAT teacher presents when paired with a pretty mug (from Big Lots).  It looks so fancy, and if you would rather choose tea, they have lots of those options as well.


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