*HOT* Full-Size Pillow Pets only $7.50 at CVS!! (Pee-Wee Pets $4.99!)

UPDATE: We got confirmation from a CVS employee at a totally different store that this is definitely happening at more locations than just mine – and the Pee-Wee Pillow Pets are only $4.99!

Hey guys – I just wanted to give you a big heads up that I just came back from CVS and the pillow pets are ringing up at just $7.50!!

I had run in to pick up an 18″ Pillow Pet for my youngest, and they were supposed to be $14.99, but at the registerthey scanned at $7.50 each (They’re $19.99 at Walmart, so this is a REALLY good deal).

I’m guessing the usual Christmas clearance markdowns are just already in the system?   Now I kind of wish I’d scanned lots of items :)

I grabbed the red dragon and the purple unicorn – for only $15.  Then my cashier handed me a $5 off $15 “Good Customer Appreciation” coupon – which made my total just $10!  This was a totally unexpected score - I was so happy to get these for just $5 each!

So, make sure to scan your pillow pets, and come back and let us know if you’re getting this deal!


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