*HOT* FREE Smart Balance Milk @ Bi-Lo, Kroger, Meijer!! (UPDATE)

I just ran my hiney over to Bi-Lo during my husbands lunch break, only to be one of the unlucky who received a $1.50/2 Catalina coupon instead of the free one. I might try again later at another Bi-Lo, but just wanted to let you guys know!

 This is the most amazing catalina I have ever seen.  EVER.  Check out this deal going on right now at Bi-Lo, Kroger, Meijer, Harris Teeter, and possibly other stores:

Buy (1) Smart Balance Milk - WAIT, DON’T PAY YET! - because BEFORE you have to pay, a Catalina Coupon will come out for a FREE Smart Balance Milk!  Grab that and use it to pay for your milk!

Then do it again.  And again.  And again.  Because it’s ROLLING!   You could really stock up on milk this way, just be nice a leave a little for your fellow couponers :)

WARNING: A few people got a $2/2 instead of the FREE Coupon, but the majority got the FREE.  If you’re even a teeny bit of a gambler – I’d say go for it!

*Can you freeze milk?  Read HERE!

To read more about this deal, comments, follow-ups, people who are trying it right now – head over to We Use Coupons  and click on Deal Locator ~ Grocery Stores ~ Bi-Lo (or whichever store you shop) and see the latest buzz!


  1. Teri says

    I was at the BiLo on East Brainerd and the catalina did NOT print… luckily I had my own $1.50Q. Do you think that’s why the catalina didn’t print??

    • admin says

      Teri – my catalina didn’t print either, and it’s not anything you did wrong. This is not a documented catalina that comes out every time for every person, it’s more of a gamble where you may/may not trigger a FREE coupon to print by buying the milk. Some people have picked up 8 free gallons this way, some (like me) had it not work at all. I’m sorry yours didn’t work either, but I just got a refund right away and returned the milk. It was worth a try though!

  2. Catgirl says

    I had to go to Dalton today, so I stopped at the BiLo on Cleveland Hwy. Bought my mom 6 milks, got them all for .72 cents and got a $2.00/1 for each transaction. BiLo shut my bonuscard down for the day! The cashier had to manually override it so my card would work!

  3. Catgirl says

    I HEART SMART BALANCE MILK!!!!! I just got back from BiLo with 8 half gallons for .96 cents!!! The machine spit out a Catalina for free milk everytime AND a $2.00/1 after every transaction! I'm excited!

  4. Rachel says

    At Bi-lo mine only printed a $1.50/2 and it didn't print until after I paid. Bummer :(

    On another note… Bi-lo had Grilled Chicken and Cheese El Monterey Tornados on Closeout for $1.25 which with the BOGO coupons makes them like 62 1/2 cents each.

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