*HOT* FREE 8×10 Photo Canvas *or* 16×20 Canvas for $37 Shipped!

For a limited time, receive a FREE 8×10 Canvas Portrait from Canvas People and turn that cherished photo memory into something everyone will enjoy! This would definitely make it a “personal touch” from the heart and would make a great Mother’s Day gift!  (See the one I made for my living room bookshelf HERE!)

An 8×10″ really isn’t that big – but the bigger ones are so pricey, right?  WRONG!  Check out this new Mother’s Day Offer!

Canvas People is currently offering their 16 x 20″ Photo Canvas for  $37 + FREE SHIPPING!!  This is an INSANELY good deal, considering this size is normally $90 + $19.95 Shipping ($109.95!)

Here’s how to get your FREE -or- $37 Canvas:

  1. GO HERE and upload your picture.  (TIP: If you want to go greyscale – do that before uploading, because it costs extra on the Canvas People site to do it later!)
  2. Size: Choose either of these for a great deal.
    - 8×10 =  FREE + Pay Shipping
    - 11×14 = $27 + Free Shipping
    - 16×20 =  $37 and Free Shipping
  3. Frame & Effects: Select No Frame or Effects to avoid additional fees.


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