HOT Deals on Mulch! (Best Price All Year)

If you’re looking for a decent deal on mulch – it’s like Black Friday for people who like to play in the dirt!  Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday just started and that mean’s the good Scott’s Colored Mulch is only $2 PER BAG.  If you order online you can pick up in store – that way you can make sure you snag how much you need before they run low.

I picked up some of the black mulch last year  and it looks GREAT! (Not weirdly black as I’d feared – See the picture below with my new flowers :) )  And check out our post on DIY Flower Planters for the secret to getting professional-looking pots!


Another great option (if you have a truck) is to look in the classifieds or ask around locally for those offering mulch by the tractor bucket.  I could get a tractor load of mulch for just $10 – IF I only had a pickup truck to haul it away!!


ALSO – See our post on using Newspapers to tamp down weeds instead of landscaping fabric!


  1. Roxana Guy says

    Forgot one thing, those Knock Outs are the 2 quart. I think they’re something like $16.95 or something like that at Wal-Mart. Lowes is not far from that price either.

  2. Roxana Guy says

    Wal-Mart has Cypress Mulch also for $2.50 a bag (at least in my area, Franklin, KY). It’s not colored, but it is a natural mulch. Also, Roses (a discount store resembling the old style Wal-Mart) has a sale on Wave Petunias, 2/$3. They also have many annuals like Begonias, Clematis, Zinnia, and Geraniums starting at $1. Big Lots did have Roses (different varieties but no Knock Outs) 2/$7 or $4 each. Price-Less IGA is replacing 250 Houchen Industry stores including Save-A Lots. One just moved to our area, and they have Knock Out Roses for $11.06 before tax. And they have some vegetable plants (tomatoes, cayenne peppers, etc.) starting at $1.06 before tax.

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