Hot Deal Alert! Texas Toast 3/$1

Do you have a United Grocery Outlet near you?  If so, this is a great deal on Texas Toast!  I’ll be posting later this week how to make DIY Frozen Texas Toast with Garlic Butter!   I’ve never made it before, so if you’ve got any tips, please share in the comments below.


If you’ve never shopped at United Grocery Outlet, they have some really good deals!  They don’t accept coupons, however their prices are really low.  A couple of weeks ago, I got an 8 pack of Apple and Eve Juice Boxes for $1 and Nestle Refrigerated Sugar Cookie dough for $0.30 a box!


Several months ago, Jamie posted a series “When you need a break from couponing.”  If you missed the post about shopping at UGO, click here.  Not sure if there is one in your area?

Find out if you have a UGO near you by checking their site HERE.


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