*HOT* 50% Off Video Camcorder (Great Father’s Day Idea)!

Most guys have lustful thoughts about anything technology-related, so if you’re short on Father’s Day ideas, this might be a last-minute lifesaver!

Dell’s Deal of the Day today is 50% Off their Vado HD 2nd Gen 4GB 2X Zoom Pocket Video Camcorder.

It will be only $59.99 after the discount, plus it qualifies for FREE Shipping!

BONUS! – Put an extra $2.40 back in your pocket when you stop by EBATES on the way to the Dell Website.  Their 4% Cashback is a nice little bonus, plus if you’re a newbie to EBATES, you’ll get a $5 Welcome Bonus!  Just click HERE & type “Dell” in the Ebates searchbar.  Use their link to go to the Dell website. (You’ll be looking for item #A3694695 once you get there.)

That one simple extra step will make sure you get some Cash-Back coming your way!

If you do all your online shopping through Rewards Programs like EBATES, come Christmas, you’ll have enough Cashback in your account to take some of the financial load off!

- Thanks so much to Amanda over at AFewShortcuts!

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