*HOT* 4 Gourmet Coffees + 12-Cup Coffeemaker only $9.99 Shipped!

Are you a coffee/tea drinker?  (I have to have my coffee in the morning or I’m a terrible person to be around)  Well, for a limited time you can get 4 Boxes of Gourmet Coffee or Tea + 12-Cup Gevalia Coffeemaker for only $9.99 + FREE Shipping!  WOW!

Here’s how to get this deal:

  1. GO HERE and pick your choice of any 4 boxes of delicious coffee or tea
  2. Add a FREE 12-Cup Coffeemaker to your cart
  3. Choose how often you want it auto-shipped to you *read note below
  4. Pay only $9.99 and Get FREE Shipping


NOTE: When your package arrives you can simply call the 1-800 number on the card included (Yep – they INCLUDE a “Cancel-my-atuo-shipments-card” right in the box!) and you won’t be billed for anything else ever.  Kasey and I have BOTH done this deal in the past and it worked beautifully!  Sadly for me – when I did the deal it was a travel mug and not a coffeemaker :(

I have found that these little gourmet boxes of coffee make GREAT teacher presents when paired with a pretty mug (from Big Lots).  It looks so fancy, and if you would rather choose tea, they have lots of those options as well.

Have you ever ordered from Gevalia?  What did you think?


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