*HOT* 140 FREE Address Labels/Gift Tags!

Vista Print is offering this wonderful freebie once again this year! Get 100 FREE Mailing Labels/Gift Tags! (Scroll down to the bottom right of the freebie list)

You can pick Christmas-themed address labels for mailing out Christmas cards (Have you started your list yet? If not, go upload the cute Christmas Card List Kasey created HERE!)  You can EVEN choose to make caricature labels of your family members – no extra charge!

I started on my husband already – I have decided that he would indeed like some Candy Cane Headgear. I think he would agree, if he were here right now.

If you’d rather, you can make gift tag stickers instead!  Just enter the words TO: and FROM: in place of your name and address – and VOILA!  Free gift labels!  I like this design at the bottom very much, because although it has a Christmasy flair, it can really be used for any time of year.


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