*HOT* 100 FREE Postcards! (And 5 Clever Uses)

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Okay ladies & gents.  Now is the time to put on your thinking caps & get real creative about Christmas.  Here we have a company offering us 100 FREE Personalized Postcards (Reg. $79 Value!). Now, do we dismiss it as just another business product?  No way – Not us!

Let’s brainstorm to see how we can turn this freebie into gifts and useful items.  I’ll start us off.  These Postcards can be used for:

  • Personalized Gift Stationary. People ALWAYS need stationary.  Whether it’s to write a thank you note, send a friendly postcard, or even jot down an absent note to send to the teacher – pretty notecards will come in handy and be appreciated!  Here is a simple one I made with my initials (also happens to be the initials of my mother-in-law & sister-in-law!!)

  • Recipe Cards. For Christmas, I like to make lots of homemade salsa, which I put in mason jars and tie with a pretty ribbon.  I plan to attach a recipe card/gift tag this year to make it look extra-special.  This would be great to tie to your famous Christmas cookies as well!

  • Gift Labels. For all those kids’ birthday parties you go to  – when you don’t want to spend $2-$3 for a card to go with the present!  Just design these cards to say:  Happy Birthday!  From: Thatcher & James Miles” or something similar.

  • Invitations. Have a big party coming up?  A shower?  Need to send out “We’re Moving” cards?  All of these things can be money drains – and they simply don’t need to be.  Unless you have to have “fancy” – you should be able to make a cute card to serve your purpose with these!

  • Photo Cards: For about $5 extra, you can upload a photo or pre-made template and use it for all the cards you want.  We had a family picture taken earlier this year – which I can use for all sorts of purposes, even Christmas cards!

Now it’s your turn!

Share your ideas & let’s help each other turn this freebie into a non-business product we can use to save $$$!

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