Hopster Printable Coupons: New Coupon Site – Boost Your Coupon’s Value!

boost your coupon value

Have you checked out Hopster yet?

Hopster is a new source for printable coupons – one which allows you to “boost” a coupon’s initial value through various options – i.e. “Liking” a coupon on Facebook.  Keep reading to learn more!

We have all run across a coupon or two that we  wish we could magically turn it into  a higher value. Well, now you can with Hopster! It’s really simple and  quick too!


ellas kitchen coupon

Hopster starts you off with 250 free points.  You can use those points to Boost your coupon value by selecting “boost” on the coupon you want to make a higher value. You can boost your coupon as many times as you would like up to the maximum amount for each.

earn points

If you run out of points, you can continue to earn points by clicking on the Earn points tab.  Simple tasks such as liking a company’s facebook or twitter page will earn you points. There are also tasks for  answering a poll or signing up for newsletters.  It’s very easy to earn tons of new points so you never have to worry about not having the points you need.  In just minutes, I earned 450 points, so it’s pretty quick and takes no effort at all!


You can also click on the My quests tab to complete quests that earn you more points as well. Each quest has different steps that you will need to complete to earn bonus points.

points for redeeming!

Here’s a huge added bonus for you! If you redeem one of your coupons you  get from Hopster, you can  email  a copy of that receipt in. you will be rewarded with 55 extra points for each coupon you redeem! Talk about never ending savings!

Take a moment to check out Hopster, and let us know what you think!


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