Homemade Valentine Idea: Sweet and Savvy Valentine’s Day Banner

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Some of the best holiday decorations are made out of the most unlikely objects, take for instance this Valentine’s Day idea for a whimsical Valentine’s Day banner!  This Valentine’s Day, all you need is a dollar store nearby to get the ball rolling on a unique and whimsical holiday craft! A Playing Card Valentine’s Day banner is the perfect Valentine’s Day craft for kids that is not only bright and decorative, but quite educational as well! By completing this craft, not only will you have a colorful, heart filled banner to fancy up your home, but your children will learn patterns, ordering, shapes, sorting and counting too.  Even better? This whole experience can be enjoyed for around $3.00!

Sound too good to be true? Just take a peek below at the simple supply list and directions. The first thing you will want to do is gather your materials, then gather the kids around for some educational and decorative Valentine’s Day fun!

Simple Supply List:

  • One deck of playing cards (Our dollar store carries a package of these for $1.00! Try to look for a deck that has a RED backside.)
  • Some ribbon or yarn (Also available at most dollar stores for $1.00)
  • Standard scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Hole punch (optional)

Directions: These directions optimize the learning experience for your child. If you are going to create this craft on your own, you can skip the first few steps!

  • Have children sort the cards into “suits.”
  • Next have them place the cards in numerical order. Assist as needed.
  • Allow children to cut heart shapes out of the non-heart suit cards. For example, the club cards and diamond cards. These can just be clipped out freehand, and don’t have to be perfect!
  • Set your hearts aside. You will need these again shortly.
  • Punch holes in each heart/heart suit card to prepare for threading. Note: If you do not have a hole punch, you can use your clear tape to attach your cards to the ribbon.
  • Take your ribbon or yarn and cut a generous length. Begin threading through the cards to create your banner. This may take children awhile to master it. Be patient and to help as needed.
  • You may wish to create a pattern as you string, such a heart/card/heart pattern!

Congrats! You have now completed your banner! Once all of your cut out hearts and heart suit cards are strung, find a place to display your beautiful Valentine’s Day Playing Card banner! Add extra ribbon if you wish or even more embellishments such as glitter or stickers. Extra pizzazz is always fun!  All of the beautiful red and hearts will create quite the Valentine’s Day theme in this banner, and children will be so proud they created it themselves!

A $3.00 or less craft has never been so sweet (or educational) before! This Valentine’s Day banner is the perfect craft to get you in the holiday spirit on a budget. Happy crafting!


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