Homemade Valentine Cards: DIY Goldfish Valentine’s Day Greetings!

Homemade Valentine's Card

Valentine’s Day can bring about some groans from parents and dentists alike. All of that candy coming home by the bag full can really be a nightmare! So much, that many schools are writing new rules about the treats and snacks that children can bring to school for holiday parties. In order to bring snacks for some holiday parties such as Valentine’s Day, the snack must be healthy and free from sugar.

If you are wanting a healthier alternative to the typical sugary valentine this year, here is your solution! A Goldfish Valentine’s Day Greeting is the perfect treat for your child to give his or her friends. It still contains a yummy snack, but one that is a healthier alternative.

To whip these up is simple and just takes a few supplies. Take a peek at how you can make your own whimsical Goldfish Valentine’s Day Greetings to give!

Supply List:

  • Clear plastic sandwich baggies (Dollar stores sell these for around $1.00)
  • A package of goldfish crackers (Around $2.50 a box, less if you buy generic which works too!)
  • Blue construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers

This is so fun that even the kiddos will enjoy being able to help you! Gather your supplies and then gather around the table!


  • Cut your construction paper into fish bowl shapes. I just free handed it. These don’t need to be perfect. Just a round shape works fine!
  • Use your marker to write “I am glad we are in the same “school” Valentine!” on your bowl. See that pun? Fun huh?
  • Next put your paper bowl into a plastic sandwich bag.
  • Fill 1/4 of the way with your fish crackers.
  • Close your bag to keep the crackers and bowl safely inside.

That’s it! When you are done it will appear as though you have a tiny fish bowl swimming with cracker fish! This is not only cute and whimsical, but kids will love munching on the cheesy goldfish. It offers a healthier alternative to candy, and just something different all around!

If sweets are still your thing, you can also fill your bag with Swedish fish candies, gummy sharks, etc. They will still work with the whole fishy “school” theme.

This is an activity that children will enjoy doing, and a Valentine they will enjoy giving their friends! Goldfish Valentine’s Day Greetings are the perfect solution for those wanting something other than the traditional valentine but still wanting to be budget savvy! Following the directions above you should be able to make at least a dozen of these Goldfish Valentine’s Day Greetings for around $4.00. Now that is a sweet deal!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your “school!”

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