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Homemade Kiddie Pool Cleaner


 Homemade Kiddie Pool Cleaner

Jamie here, my kids are out in the pool as we speak with several neighborhood kids – and although I’ve set up a bath rug and a bucket of water for them to dunk their feet in upon entering the pool – it already looks like a grassy, june buggy mess in there.   Here’s the Homemade Kiddie Pool Cleaner we make every summer – it’s so easy, I don’t even need to explain it really…  But just in case you’re not sure what that weird brown thing is up there:

Pantyhose + Badminton Racket = Homemade Kiddie Pool Cleaner



And here’s an action shot :)  The kids love to make a whirlpool so all the grass goes to the middle – and then it’s super easy to skim out.




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