Home Depot Mums Coupon = $1.64 Mums!

*I meant to update this link a few days ago, and forgot – sorry about that guys, it’s updated now!

Well – it’s that time of year again, the time when the Home Depot sends me my B2G1 Free Mums Coupon!  (I always wait for it to buy my porch mums.) If you didn’t get it, click the banner under this post to sign up for the Garden Club – that’s how to get the Home Depot gardening coupons!  Here’s how to get $1.64 Mums:

Home Depot mums are on sale for $2.47 ea (the size that’s a little smaller than a gallon)
Buy (3) for $4.94
(makes them just $1.64 ea!)

In addition to home mailers, you will also get email coupons once a month!  (See above)  Sometimes competitors (like Lowe’s or Ace) will also accept Home Depot coupons, so even if you’re not near a Home Depot, you can still make use of them.

Just click the sign-up banner below to join and hopefully you’ll get your coupon shortly!

Home Depot Garden Club


  1. Kerri says

    I am a club member, but didn’t get this coupon. Seems like I never get the good coupons anymore. This month, I got some fertilizer coupon and $2 off a hanging plant. And I never get a home mailer. Anyone else getting this?

      • says

        Hi Dona! I would check your spam folder, and if there’s nothing in there it may be just because after their “Black Friday in July” sales they’re backing off the coupons. I believe I’ve received some in the last couple months though, so again, maybe check your spam. :)

  2. Angela says

    so is the coupon a home mailer? I signed up for the garden club a few days ago, but if it is a home mailer, then I probably won’t get the coupon in time, right?

    • Jamie says

      Angela – once a month you’ll get some email coupons – and last year this was one of them. But also, this one comes in the mail.


  1. [...] These coupons are great when you pair them with a sale – and since most home improvement stores (Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, etc) will accept competitor coupons, you should be able to use them at the best sale in town!  (I used my mums coupon at Ace last year to get them for $1.64 each- read about that here) [...]

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