High Value Snickers & Milky Way Bites Printable Coupon (up to $2 off)


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If you love chocolate, you won’t be able to resist new SNICKERS(r) and Milky Way(r) Bites.  Enjoy unwrapped, bite-sized morsels that are great in recipes or by themselves!  For tailgating, these #GameDayBites will be sure to make the crowd go wild.  Hurry before coupons run out!

I don’t know about you but I have a weakness for chocolate, especially bite sized SNICKERS. Oh my goodness, and a high value coupon too! I want to run out right now and grab some. Even with our commitment to eat healthier, a little chocolate every now in then is okay. Right?  Print this high value Snickers and Milky Way Bites coupon! Note if the coupon is shared socially(Twitter, Facebook) or emailed to 3 people the value of the coupon will double up to a $2 value.



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