Hexbug Hive for 50% OFF! (Glow-in-the-Dark Hexbugs just $4.99)

Hexbugs are high on my boys Christmas list this year – and I’ve been keeping an eye on prices for not just the bugs – but the Hexbug habitats and accessories.  I found some GREAT deals today on Amazon – some of which I ordered!

Glow-in-the-Dark Hexbug Nano - $4.99 (reg $11.99)  *These are $7.59 at Target.com

5-Pack of  Hexbug Nanos- $21.58 (reg $49.99)  *Just $4.31 each

Now you’ll want something cool for your hexbugs to play or do battle in – here are some deals on Hexbug habitats:

Hexbug Hive – $19.99 (Reg $39.99)  *This is HOT this year!!  I ordered it for mine.  Your hexbugs can play in it – but also you can shut them all up in there for storage.  I’m a fan of that :)

Hexbug Nano Zipline Set - $19.99 (Reg $24.95)

Hexbug Nano Habitat - $17.47 (Reg $29.99)

You can also pick up some Hexbug-compatible batteries for an AWESOME price!  That is truly the worst part about Hexbugs – the expensive batteries they sell that are branded as Hexbug Power Cells – when in reality they’re basically watch batteries. But you can pick up this 40-Pack of Hexbug Compatible Batteries for only $10.10!  Since your child will be using their hexbugs like crazy (Battling with other hexbugs and letting them roam through the hive, etc…)  you’ll probably have to change out the battery every few weeks – so this will really come in handy.

From personal experience – I’ll say that Hexbugs are a pretty great toy.  All my kids can play together with them – to do “battle” or have them just bump into each other and whatnot – but it’s also something you can play alone.  The cute little bugs would make a great stocking stuffer – just be sure to stock up on some batteries!!!

Please note that Amazon’s prices fluctuate and can change at any time.  Be sure to verify current price before placing your order.  Find more great Amazon Deals in our Amazon Category!  


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