Happy Mother’s Day! Words Could Never Describe……


Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you’ve enjoyed your day from everyone at Time 2 $ave!
I published this post first thing this morning, and wanted to repost this evening, as I know many of us have spent the day celebrating Mother’s Day with our families.  I pray that you have had a blessed day and that you have been surrounded by love.  I’m so thankful that I got to spend the day with my mom and my family.  I don’t have words to describe how full my heart is right now.  My mom has been through so much this year with her health I’m so thankful that today I got to celebrate Mother’s Day with her.  Not in a hospital……….but sitting beside her at church, eating her yummy cooking, watching her play with my children and enjoying her company.

For that, I am thankful.

At the same time, I know that some of you may not feel appreciated today, or feel like all that you do doesn’t matter.  If that describes how you feel click here.  I’ve (Kasey) shared The Invisible Woman the past two years after hearing it at a mom’s group at church.

So many times we give so much of ourselves and don’t know if we have made a difference or not. Even on a day like Mother’s Day when we “should” feel most appreciated, many of us may struggle with insecurities in our mind. Today – to every woman out there we want to remind you how important you are, how loved you are by the God of the universe, and how eternally important it is to be a mom.




My Mother’s Day Tribute to my Mom and the little one’s who made me a mommy.  

As many of you know, my mom recently had to have open heart surgery. This Mother’s Day I am especially thankful to spend with her. Here we are yesterday at a Mother Daughter Luncheon, you would never guess by looking at her she had open heart surgery less than 6 weeks ago. I think she looks amazing!!


The reason I celebrate Mother’s Day – my mom, and the little one’s who call me Mommy.

My most wonderful gifts from God, so blessed.

My firstborn and mini me, this girl loves with all her heart. She’s passionate and full of curiosity. Everything is an adventure with my Morgie – Pooh.

This little man is the best cuddle bug and alarm clock. He loves to make people laugh with all his heart..

What about you? What are you thankful for today? You’d sure make our day if you shared with us:) We want to acknowledge that for many, today is bittersweet. If you’ve lost your mom, or if you are a mom who has lost a child we pray that you would feel God’s peace and comfort wash over you today as you rest in Him.


  1. Christie says

    Today was my 1st Mother’s Day without my sweet mother, Carol. We lost her unexpectedly 6 weeks ago yesterday & this day has been so hard on us all. I do have 2 beautiful daughters that I tried to be happy & not all sad today, but reality I am so glad this day is almost done. I hope everyone enjoyed their day & if your parents are still here please make sure you spend time with them & let them know how thankful you are for them everyday, not just holidays. The night before losing my mom I called her & told her how so very lucky we are all to have her and my dad, little did I know that was the last time I could tell her that.

    • says

      Oh, I am so sorry thank you for leaving a comment and sharing with us. I lost my father several years ago, and there are days when it is still so fresh. Even today, we visited the church I got married at. When I thought about my daddy walking me down the aisle grief washed over me again. I thought I was going to have to walk out and pull myself together. I remember the first Father’s Day after we lost him. I too wanted that day to hurry up and end. As much as you love your daughters, no one can take the place of your mother. Even the blessing of your own children doesn’t soften the grief.

      My heart hurts right now for you and Courtenay who just commented that she lost her daughter. Praying for both of you.

  2. courtenay says

    Today is my first mothers day without my sweet olivia. She died 3 weeks ago in a tragic accident. It is also my First mothers day with my little man Wyatt he is 7 weeks old. My mothers day is bitter sweet. We enjoyed a picnic and time with family, but also spread my daughters ashes. God has blessed us with so many people who have come beside us in this time of tradgety those who have brouight us meals, prayed and comforted us. The peace he has blessed us with is amazing but I still miss my little girl…

    • says

      Courtenay, I can’t begin to imagine how your heart must be hurting and how difficult today is. Thank you so much for sharing your heart please know you will be in my prayers and the prayers of many others who read your comment. I am not going to pretend to know what to say, because I don’t. I am so sorry, I pray that you will continue to feel God’s peace.

  3. michelle says

    Your mother look’s really amazing after having open heart surgery!!!! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

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