Happy Mothers Day: Quotes for Grandmothers


Happy Mother’s Day to our precious Grandmother’s! 

A grandmother is a babysitter who watches the kids instead of the television.
– Author Unknown

A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.
– Erma Bombeck

Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete.
– Marcy DeMaree

Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting.
– Author Unknown

Grandmas don’t just say “that’s nice” — they reel back and roll their eyes and throw up their hands and smile. You get your money’s worth out of grandmas.
– Author:unknown

Grandmother-grandchild relationships are simple. Grandmas are short on criticism and long on love.
– Author Unknown

Grandmothers are the people who take delight in hearing babies breathing into the telephone.
– Author:Unknown

If becoming a grandmother was only a matter of choice, I should advise every one of you straight away to become one. There is no fun for old people like it!
– Hannah Whithall Smith

If your baby is “beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses, sleeps on schedule and burps on demand, an angel all the time,” you’re the grandma.
– Teresa Bloomingdale

My name is NO NO but Grandma calls me precious!
– Author Unknown

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