Halloween Clearance Cereals – My $.50 Count Chocula Score!

When I went to Cooke’s yesterday to pick up my 10 Bags of Kraft Cheese for $10 – I also stumbled upon a basket full of Halloween Cereals on clearance for $.99 each.  I picked up several boxes of Count Chocula and a few Frankenberry as well – and use my $1/2 General Mills Kids Cereal Coupons to get them for only $.50 each – what a good deal!

This just goes to show that any foods wrapped in Halloween packaging will have to be clearanced out along with the rest – so keep your eyes peeled for great deals on Teddy Grahams, Fruit Snacks, etc…. that might have been packaged with trick-or-treaters in mind :)  Get coupons for those items as well in our Coupon Database.

For more tips about what to buy after Halloween, read our Top 10 List of Halloween Clearance Ideas here!

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