Grocery Store Savings Couponing Workshop: August Workshop



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Couponing for the Rest of Us!  Step-by-Step Simplified!

Grocery Store Saving Couponing Workshop -you don’t want to miss!  I’m all about keeping it simple, so if you are worried you’ll have to spend hours each week cutting out coupons you can breathe easy.  I don’t think couponing should take over your life, instead it’s just a tool to help your finances.  After all, whether you save 5%, 10% or 60% you are still saving your family money.  Click here to read what other people are saying about Time 2 $ave Couponing Workshops. 

Grocery Store Savings

Topics discussed in the workshop include the following areas:

  • Strategic Grocery Shopping - Learn how to avoid common marketing traps at the grocery store, and shop smarter!
  • Realistic Couponing  - See exactly how coupons work, how you can use them to save at least 50% on your groceries, understand your stores’ policies, and keep all those awesome coupons organized!
  • Meal Planning Made Simple - Get practical help with how to plan out your menu to save the most money while providing healthy meals for your family!

Please RSVP in advance by clicking the link below to register to ensure your spot is secured.

Wesley Memorial (Gym Area)

3405 Peerless Rd
Cleveland, TN 37312

Saturday, August 17, 2013 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (EDT)

Big Hat Brunch and Coupon Workshop

This Brunch is dedicated to the Virtuous Woman in all of Us!

This year’s Theme “Son” hats and “Son” dresses The Dress attire:  Sun dresses with your Big Sun Hats! Come and show off your Big Hat and be a part of this uplifting Brunch. We do not want you to miss an event; that is essential to our women.

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If you would like to request information about hosting a Time 2 $ave Couponing workshop for your organization, click here.


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